Podcast: Episode 1 – Sustainability & the City

22 May 2023

This podcast is the first in a new series Have I Got NextGen News For You... where members of London Property Alliance NextGen committees host special guests to discuss the hottest topics in the real estate sector.

In this first episode we will be exploring the City of London Corporation’s approach to delivering sustainable development through its newly adopted Carbon Options Guidance (COG), which is a key part of the City Corporation’s approach to delivering a net zero City by 2040.

This first episode features Marie-Louise Schembri, Sustainability Director at Hilson Moran, Carina Pohnke, Planning Officer – Sustainability, at City of London Corporation, and Alex Thorpe, CPA NextGen Committee Member and Senior Development Manager at CO-RE.

This podcast has been made possible by NextGen champion Gardiner & Theobald.

Listen to podcast.


Alex Thorpe

Senior Development Manager, CO-RE

Marie-Louise Schembri

Sustainability Director, Hilson Moran

Carina Pohnke

Planning Officer – Sustainability, City of London Corporation