Podcast: CPA NextGen: Decarbonising our offices

Listen to the members of the CPA NextGen committee discuss how the built environment can meet the Net Zero Carbon challenges.

CPA’s NextGen Committee Vice Chair, Leila Gray (Sheppard Robson) and committee members Alex Parsons (CO-RE) and Alice Reid (Stanhope) delve into how the built environment, particularly offices, can achieve net zero carbon and help to address the climate emergency. Leila and Alex are joined by Ross Sayers, CPA board member and Landsec Head of Development; Anna Biggin, CBRE, London leasing team and Rachel Hoolahan, Architect and Sustainability Coordinator at Orms. The group discuss the challenges, changes in behaviour required and potential solutions to decarbonising our workplace.

Listen here


Leila Gray

Sheppard Robson, Associate

Alex Parsons

CO-⁠RE London, Senior Development Manager

Alice Reid

Stanhope Plc, ESG Executive

Ross Sayers

Landsec, Head of Development

Anna Biggin

CBRE, Senior Director

Rachel Hoolahan

Orms, Architect and Sustainability Coordinator