Promoting Business Districts in the post-Covid era: The role of social media and digital communications

08 October 2020 to 08 Oct 2020
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

The economic and social success of the UK’s city centres has been challenged by Covid-19 and lockdown. Can digital engagement help attract people back to our business districts?

New research from the City Property Association, supported by the City of London Corporation, explores the role of the ‘One City’ website and social media channels in promoting London’s Square Mile as a destination for a new generation of City workers. Its role in engaging with 45,000 Instagram followers and 3,500 newsletter subscribers has become ever more important, as the City’s retail, cultural and hospitality businesses rely on the return of office workers and visitors.

Our expert panel discuss the research findings, the key opportunities and challenges for promoting the City’s social and cultural offering post-Covid, and what lessons can be learnt for the rest of the UK.

Speakers include:

  • Jack Sallabank, Founder, Future Places Studio
  • Rosie Day, Director, London Property Alliance
  • Chris Brown, Director, Marketing Liverpool
  • Ryan Hodson, Investment Executive, CC Land
  • Nicola Sheppey, Marketing and Communications Manager, One City
  • Tony Matharu, Director, Blue Orchid Hotels & Integrity International Group