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This new piece of research from the CPA, supported by the City of London Corporation, explores the role of the ‘One City platforms. 

One City was pioneered by the CPA with support from the City of London Corporation, NLA and partner members. It has utilised social media and digital tools to help promote the City of London as a thriving hub of social and cultural activity: an exciting and rewarding place to both work and play. 

The report finds that these platforms can play an important role in the City’s post-pandemic economic recovery by re-connecting workers and visitors with the places which underpin its appeal: its retail and hospitality businesses.

Key report recommendations for the One City platform:

  • Inform followers of the City’s retail and hospitality offerings so they remain relevant
  • Provide curated information and advice based on different districts
  • Use insight generated to help businesses understand the preferences of workers and visitors
  • Provide a platform for collective collaboration with stakeholders
  • Act as a digital embodiment of the City

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This report was authored by Future Places Studio.

OneCity is a partnership between the City Property Association (CPA) and New London Architecture (NLA), supported by the City of London Corporation, aimed at promoting the City’s growing cultural and leisure experiences to younger professionals, who make up 61% of the City’s workforce. 

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