NextGen Webinar: Changing user needs

23 Jul 2020

The London Property Alliance (CPA & WPA) NextGen report Building Skills for the Future revealed that user expectations of the built environment are vastly different from what they were at the turn of the millennium. A number of macro factors have impacted how and where people work, shop and use their homes.  Covid-19 and the impact of lockdown and social distancing measures have catalysed user needs to change more rapidly than ever before. How will people return to work and what will their offices look like? Will retail outlets recover and what will the new normal of shopping look like? How will transport systems reflect a post-Covid reality? 

This live webinar organised by the City Property Association NextGen Committee brings together a panel of industry experts to discuss how the needs of the City’s residents, workers and visitors have changed as a result of the pandemic. Viewers hear the ways City businesses have had to respond to new socially distancing measures and what the new needs are. Our expert panel also discuss sustainability, transport and retail opportunities.  

Speakers include:

  • Richard Applin, Partner at Gardiner & Theobald 
  • Mailys Garden, Principal Consultant at Momentum Transport & NextGen Committee member  
  • Paula Gonzalez, Project Director at John Robertson Architects & NextGen Committee member 
  • Gareth Roberts, Head of Broadgate Developments at British Land
  • Meredith Smith, Managing Innovation Consultant at Fluxx  


This webinar is supported by NextGen champions Gardiner & Theobald.