New “justice quarter” on Salisbury Square approved

22 Apr 2021

The City of London Corporation decided in favour of granting planning permission for the construction of a new combined Court facility and Police Headquarters for the City of London Police today.

Proposals sought the construction of three new buildings and the adaptation of one listed building to also create 11,783 sqm of office space, 256 sqm of retail space, 1,786 sqm public realm and a new pub at the Grade II listed 2-7 Salisbury Court.

The application was brought forward by the City of London authority itself, and thus was considered under a specially constructed sub-committee rather than the Planning and Transport committee of the Council. There were three interrelated applications, one for the masterplan and two for listing building consent. Members raised concerns about the effect on the sunlight of the neighbouring properties and Marianne Fredericks in particular probed on the effect on heritage.

Natasha Lloyd-Owen, one of the few Labour members of the City of London Corporation, voted against the application on the grounds that more could be done to reduce the carbon output of the building.

The development was welcomed by ward deputy Ian Luder, who expressed enthusiasm about the public realm and accessibility improvements on the site.

The application was passed with 12 votes in favour, 4 against and 1 abstention

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