Letter of Referral to the Court of Common Council

09 Dec 2021

The CPA has written a letter to the Lord Mayor’s office regarding the referral of a planning application to the Court of Common Council pursuant to Standing Order 9(4)(a).

Charles Begley, CPA Chief Executive wrote: “We are extremely concerned at the potential for a decision made by the Planning and Transportation Committee to be overturned through such an irregular process as a Standing Order, and it is telling that the last time such an instrument was attempted to be used in relation to a planning committee decision was 35 years ago, and rightly struck out by the Court of Common Council at the time.”

He added, “This is not about the merits of a particular scheme, as the CPA has a policy of not commenting on individual planning applications. It is about due process and transparency, which in turn drives investor confidence. The City’s pre-eminent status as a global centre of finance and business services is built on openness and fairness.”

You can read the full letter here