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Diversifying Real Estate Guidebook: Sexuality


The guide aims to help individuals and organisations make Central London’s real estate sector more accessible and inclusive for people that identify as LGBTQ+, with suggestions of way to improve representation and support at Board, middle management and NextGen levels.

The guidebook provides insights into what the sector can do to better develop and protect spaces for the LGBTQ+ community.

Written in partnership with Freehold, this guide has been informed by roundtables attended by members, co-opted experts and stakeholders from local and London government.

This guidebook is part of a series of six themed diversity booklets commissioned by CPA and WPA NextGen, produced by London Property Alliance, and supported by NextGen champion, Gardiner & Theobald. You can read our guides on improving gender equality here and our guide on improving racial equality here. Additional guides will explore disability, religion and social mobility.

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